blackbird singing
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Help!, French lobby card. French theatrical release 1966

Ben Lommond Summit (New Zealand) (by schorlemädchen)

Between the Waves
Ivan Aivazovsky
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I think tomorrow I will face my fear of portrait/figure drawing…someone find me a photo? Or link me to a blog where I could find one?



“When a November storm strikes, water smothers the Piazza San Marco… At a sidewalk café, students take the calamity in their stride.” - National Geographic, 1972, photographed by Albert Molday

i love venice i want to go back
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mental illness is constantly either demonized or romanticized by society and there is no space in that dichotomy for real people with mental illness to exist without feeling shamed and invalidated and that isn’t fair

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British designer Patrick Smith has created a great series of Mental Disorder Posters.

I just yelled with frustration