blackbird singing

12:14 AM

guys, university is so so wonderful, I can’t even express. so much work and I’m tired all the time but happy tired. I am surrounded by the best people, in the loveliest little city, and for the first time in so long, I feel fulfilled. cannot wait to be back.


Rudy Burckhardt
Flat Iron in Summer, New York City, 1948.
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9:55 PM

You all have to go see The Grand Budapest Hotel as soon as you possibly can!!! I cannot say enough how brilliant it was. Just go see it for yourself!!!

11:34 PM

Help!, French lobby card. French theatrical release 1966

Ben Lommond Summit (New Zealand) (by schorlemädchen)

Between the Waves
Ivan Aivazovsky
12:23 AM

I think tomorrow I will face my fear of portrait/figure drawing…someone find me a photo? Or link me to a blog where I could find one?